Find the answers to common questions you may have when choosing your new home.

Who is Mercy Health?

Mercy Health is a Catholic organisation grounded in a 2,000-year tradition of caring for others. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, we employ over 7,000 people to provide compassionate and comprehensive care in the form of retirement living, home and community care, residential aged care and healthcare.

We employ people from many cultures and backgrounds who, irrespective of their beliefs, share a common bond to care for those in need.

Our retirement villages extend from Victoria to northern Queensland and Western Australia. We offer a variety of care services within these locations, with additional services available in southern New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

Mercy Health is guided by the values of compassion, hospitality, respect, innovation, stewardship and teamwork. These values inform the way we care for those in need, and each other.

What happens if I need a little bit of extra care or help later on in life?

We offer flexible, adaptive care — referred to as 'ageing in place' — to meet your care requirements as they grow or change.

If you require care at home, Mercy Health Home & Community Care can support you to keep comfortable at home with services that promote your health, wellbeing and independence.

Each of our retirement living sites is co-located with a Mercy Health Residential Aged Care home, which offer respite care or long-term accommodation. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have the option of moving into a nearby home when the time comes, pending availability.

Can my friends and family visit?

Friends and family are welcome to attend special events and functions. We’re passionate about supporting you to remain connected and actively involved with friends, family and the wider community.

While keeping up with longtime friends is important, remember that you’ll also meet new neighbours and friends upon moving into your new home in the village. We also promote opportunities to get out and about in the community with fellow residents share your hobbies and interests.

Can my friends or family come to stay?

Friends or family are welcome to stay with you in the village. However, we ask that you advise the Village Coordinator for the safety and security of all residents.

What happens if I have an issue with the Village Coordinator?

We believe in a proactive, timely and respectful approach to dealing with issues or concerns, and open communication between residents and Village Coordinators is the key.

Depending on the nature of your issue, you can also:

  • raise the issue with the Residents' Committee to resolve with management
    directly approach the Village Coordinator
  • use the formal dispute resolution procedures as set out in the Retirement Villages Act and your Residence Agreement.

Can I bring my pet?

We understand the importance of having pets as companions in your home. However, the ability to have a pet varies from village to village. We ask that you advise us if you have a pet, or if you intend to bring one into your home.

Pets are expected to be controlled in a manner that ensures they do not provide a nuisance or safety risk to other residents.

What should I consider before moving into my home at the village?

Moving house can be a stressful event at any time of life. We’re on hand to support you throughout the process and make things as easy as possible.

Take the time to ensure you’re comfortable with your chosen real estate agent before negotiating the sale of your home. And, take a look at our handy checklist to ensure you’ve got everything covered.

Will I have to pay stamp duty upon settlement of my new home in the village?

No. Stamp duty is not payable upon purchase of your home at our villages. This can be a significant saving compared to buying traditional residential housing.

Do you offer rental accommodation?

Yes, at selected villages. Please contact the Village Coordinator at your chosen village for further details.

What contracts will I have to sign?

When buying a home in a retirement village, you are required to enter into a Residence Agreement. These documents are professionally prepared in accordance with the Retirement Villages Act, which is policed by the applicable state government department.

These documents differ from those associated with a typical real estate purchase, so please ensure you fully understand them before moving into your new home at the village.

How are my interests protected in a village?

When you move into a retirement village, you obtain a right to occupy your home, which is the most commonly used form of long-term tenure within retirement villages in Australia.

This form of tenure is doubly beneficial, because it also ensures that Mercy Health is committed to maintaining a long-term interest in the village.

What happens if the village is sold?

If the village is sold to another operator, all existing residents are protected under both the Retirement Villages Act and the Residence Agreements. Residents cannot be forced, and are unlikely to be requested to sign new Residence Agreements.

Do I need to get legal advice before purchasing a home at Mercy Health?

Although our legal documents are prepared by an industry-specialist solicitor, we want you to be completely confident and satisfied with your decision to move into our village. Our experienced sales and management teams are available to explain documentation and answer any questions you may have.

You are free to use a conveyancing service of your choice. However, we recommend consulting with your solicitor, accountant or any personal advisers for peace of mind.

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What to remember when moving to a village

Our pre-move checklist covers everything from electricity and gas to the process for incoming pets.

What to remember when moving to a village

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