What to remember when moving to a village

Moving can be stressful at any stage of life. To reduce stress and ease your transition, this convenient checklist outlines common things to consider in the lead-up to your move.

We recommend you tend to each item as soon as possible.


Please allow sufficient time for electricity to be connected to your new home; we recommend at least two weeks prior to moving. You are free to choose your own energy retailer and all accounts can be posted to your new address.


Ask your Manager whether gas supply is available. Not all villages offer a gas connection.

Telephone and internet

At most villages, you will be required to arrange connection for your telephone and internet through your preferred provider. Please arrange to have your phone connected as soon as possible; we suggest booking this at least two weeks’ in advance. Please discuss with the Manager as to whether you can select your specific choice of carrier.


Remember to inform family, friends and service providers of your new postal address at the village. We recommend you consider a postal redirection service from your old address, so any regular mail you receive is redirected to your new home.

Your post is directed to your own letterbox. If you are unsure of your letterbox location, please ask the Manager.

Community facilities

Each village offers a range of community facilities for you to use as an extension of your home. If you wish to book any facilities for a private function, please contact the Manager.


We know pets are can be an important part of your life and your family, which is why they are welcome to move in with you in the majority of our villages. Contact the Manager to find out whether your selected village can accommodate pets.

Personal information and emergency call set up

A personal information record will be provided upon your move to the village. This ensures we have the appropriate contacts in emergency scenarios.

We ask you to complete the forms and ensure that anyone you nominate is aware of their listing as an emergency contact.

If you have any questions in relation to these forms, please contact your Manager. Alternatively, we ask you to return the forms prior to your move-in date.


Mercy Health insures the actual buildings at the village, including your new home. However, it is your responsibility to arrange insurance for your contents. Again, you may use your preferred insurer.

Please note you may also wish to arrange public liability insurance within your home (this may already be attached to your contents insurance), especially if you regularly use in-home services such as cleaners or carers.

Payment of maintenance fees

Under your Resident Agreement, you are required to pay maintenance fees via direct debit. With direct debit, residents’ maintenance fees are debited automatically from your nominated account. This removes the need for large amounts of cash to be handled by village staff.

To make the process easy, we provide a Direct Debit Request Service Agreement and Direct Debit Request Form. Please familiarise yourself with both of these documents, complete them and return them to your Manager as soon as possible.

Settlement details

Prior to your move, you will receive a settlement statement from our lawyers or conveyancers. These details will show the amounts that are outstanding that are to be completed at settlement, and to whom the amounts are to be made payable.

Please provide us with details or your lawyer or conveyancer well in advance of the settlement date. Our lawyers or conveyancers will liaise with your chosen representative to facilitate the settlement of your new home.

Now you’re ready for your new home!

Lastly, good luck with your move! We hope you enjoy your new home and the vibrant community spirit of the village. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Manager.

Last reviewed January 24, 2020.

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